Travis Cadman is a real estate expert

Posted by Admin | August 16th, 2013

Phoenix, Arizona, has long been considered one of the most impressive markets for real estate growth and the recession has not changed that. Multiple studies have shown a certain “boomerang effect” whereby former homeowners whose properties were foreclosed on are now seeking to buy homes again—but it is happening sooner than most experts expected. Additionally, Phoenix has shown itself to be a very strong market for boomerang buyers.

Travis Cadman is a real estate expert who has been involved in the field for more than twenty years. He has worked in both Canada and the United States, successfully, and has taken a special interest in the real estate market of Phoenix, Arizona. While he was born and raised in Canada, Cadman learned the real estate trade from an experience real estate agent in the Phoenix area. With the city experiencing a dramatic recovery in the housing industry as of late, it was inevitable that the real estate industry would take notice. Travis Cadman and his brother have taken notice by creating real estate investment funds. The names of the two investment funds are the Arizona Acquisition Fund and Valley of the Sun. Combined, these two funds account for more than one-hundred residential single-family homes. Travis Cadman is clearly investing in the future of the Phoenix real estate market.